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BEINGWORKS has a team of CONSULTANTS, coaches & TRAINERS THROUGHOUT THE UK, Each with unique expertise to meet organisational needs.



Elaine Carnegie is a leading spokesperson and advocate for creating more human and compassionate workplaces throughout the UK.

Drawing on a hugely layered corporate professional career, coupled with years working as a Physiotherapist, Elaine founded Beingworks a year ago as a direct response to wanting to help organisations look deeper into the root causes of employee challenges, rather than just addressing surface symptoms.

Mental ill health is a significant issue for employers in the UK affecting so many lives. Every year, one in four people will experience a mental health problem and the annual cost to employers is calculated to be around £33 to £42 billion due to presenteeism, sickness and turnover of staff.

This staggering amount is only due to grow higher if serious intervention and understanding is not applied.

Elaine can talk first-hand about this, having experienced herself a number of personal challenges whilst working in a corporate environment, including burnout and anxiety from extreme stress when she was 32 years old where she suffered what she thought was a stroke.

Elaine wrote about this terrifying experience for the Huffington Post and her article on LinkedIn attracted 300K impressions and shares, showcasing the need to speak out, understand and support mental health issues within the workplace.

Elaine still battles with anxiety and has committed the rest of her career to making a difference to workplace wellbeing. She has a strong interest in the study and practice of self-compassion, mindfulness and resilience and how these can shape our ability to cope more successfully with life challenges, including those presented in the workplace. Elaine firmly believes compassion to be a powerful catalyst in helping to create more human, open and inclusive workplaces.

Elaine is an experienced Co-Active® Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, Speaker, Trainer and qualified Physiotherapist. She is an award-winning corporate professional with over 10 years’ experience working within a global Fortune 500 organisation.

Prior to her corporate career, Elaine spent a number of years working as a Physiotherapist for the NHS and has a broad range of knowledge and skill in treating patients with complex physical and mental health needs.This experience in healthcare and in a corporate environment has ultimately shaped her transition into the wellbeing space, not only by providing a unique expertise but also empathy and insight into the challenges that employees face in the workplace today. She has also trained with MHFA England as a Mental First Aid Instructor to add to her corporate offering.


Bachelor of Science BSc (Hons) | Physiotherapy

Coaches Training Institute (CTI) – ICF Accredited Program | Co-Active® Coach

Qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA England)

Diploma | Mindfulness

Diploma | Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Techniques for Stress Management in Business

NIKKI SWAN Beingworks


Nikki is a transformational coach and helps professionals develop their own resilience and mindfulness techniques, empowering them to achieve their corporate goals while maintaining balance in their lives.

Before becoming a coach, Nikki spent 13 years working for PwC, Deloitte and Winton where she provided tax advice to internationally mobile employees. Nikki's sessions are also influenced by her experience as a yoga teacher blending in breath work and meditation where appropriate.

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Sarah is on a mission to help people thrive amidst the demands of a complex, ever-changing and uncertain world. Her doctoral research found that the way we work is no longer working and that organisations often treat people as human-doings rather than human-beings. She is passionate about shifting this culture to address the root causes of overwhelm, burnout, anxiety and stress.

An experienced Organisational Development professional, Sarah has used facilitation, consulting and coaching skills in a range of large-scale public sector transformation projects. She is trained in collaborative leadership methodologies such as Theory U, Open Space and World Café. Her strengths lie in being able to work with people on a deep rather than surface level, which leads to profound moments of insight and shifts in thinking that are both rewarding and humbling. Sarah’s been told her personal style is a unique mix of wisdom, pragmatism and light-heartedness. She is in her element when enabling leaders at all levels to raise performance by having more impactful conversations.

Sarah firmly believes that challenging life events can be catalysts for profound growth and learning. Her own personal experiences have led to a lifelong quest to learn about personal and societal paradigm shifts, wellbeing and flourishing. This enables her to draw from diverse sources of inspiration with clients, including philosophy, Buddhism and poetry as well as cutting-edge research in wellbeing and culture change.

Despite having an established meditation practice, Sarah found that as a new mum, she needed ways to recharge and recover from stress that were quick and could be applied in the moment. This led her to discover HeartMath emotional regulation techniques. She now has a burning desire to share these simple yet powerful practices with others and is training to incorporate HearthMath resilience tools and biofeedback into her coaching approach.

A down-to-earth Yorkshire lass at heart, Sarah now lives by the sea in Edinburgh with her husband, daughter and two cats.



For over 12 years Charlotte has worked in a variety of commercially driven HR roles largely in Talent Management and Learning and Development.  Her drive for helping others be their best is grounded in a passion for strengths based coaching, which coupled with her creative approach helps her clients to unlock new ways of thinking.  Charlotte’s coaching assignments have stretched right across the organisation – typically mid-level and senior leaders, but she has also supported front line staff through focussed programmes as well as designing and facilitating team development alongside Executives.

Charlotte’s mission is about equality and generating conversations about the power of the parent. They return to work with so many untapped skills and experiences, she is driven by tackling what is often seen as a deficit and instead showing all the amazing things that can happen for businesses when they have working parents on their side.  She loves working with women to help them rock their return, often focusing on confidence (re)building, bringing practical tips on managing the juggle and helping them prepare for what might feel like challenging conversations. Some of Charlotte’s work is with businesses where she offers consulting on returning talent programmes, running workshops for line managers and establishing mentoring networks.

Charlotte loves learning, and any opportunities to bring greater depth to her knowledge are grabbed with both hands. She is a champion of asking powerful questions and always operates with the belief that clients have the answers, they just need support in finding them. Charlotte values reflection and planning time – she is a firm believer that having quality thinking prioritised and will get you where you need to be.

Charlotte lives in Leeds with her husband and two young children who do a fantastic job of keeping them on their toes and showing them life through a fresh pair of inquisitive eyes, every day.  She loves to travel, work her way through a growing reading list and take any opportunity to make memories with her family.



Janine is a career and executive coach who is committed to helping female professionals build careers they love whilst raising a family. Janine hosts the Careers Beyond Motherhood Podcast and enjoys interviewing inspiring women who know that is it possible to successfully juggle work and family life. 

Janine is also a qualified corporate /commercial lawyer with over 12 years' legal experience. When not coaching or practicing law, she can be found spending time with her husband and two young children, playing netball or binge-listening to educational podcasts.

KATE HUNTER Beingworks


Kate is an experienced Business Professional, Learning and Development Expert, Executive Coach and Sales Acceleration Trainer with a demonstrated history of working within a blue-chip company. Kate is skilled in coaching at all levels including career development, return to work, sales and marketing, needs analysis and all aspects of training cycle – including design and delivery of development programmes.

Kate is a passionate and highly qualified L&D expert and coach and believes that organisations who place their people at the forefront of their cultures are the ones winning.  If you invest and grow in your people, you will grow and succeed in your business.

Charlene - Photo.png


Charlene is a Co-Active® trained Empowerment Coach, Business Strategist and award-winning Lawyer. She helps women overcome self-doubt, unlock their potential and accelerate their career or business. Charlene is also the co-founder of Howlett Brown, a people intelligence company specialising in employee investigations, culture and HR consulting solutions. As a lawyer, she has over a decade of legal and financial services experience providing strategic employment law advice on a range of contentious and non-contentious employment matters including investigations, bullying, harassment and discrimination. Charlene also counsels on best practice for corporate diversity initiatives, diversity networks, and startups. In 2016, Charlene was named the Black British Business Awards Financial Services Rising Star and in 2017 Charlene was named the Legal Diversity Rising Star. In 2017 she was also recognised as a Future Leader by EMpower and the Financial Times (ranked no. 2 out of 30).”