Beingworks provides services for the development, build and delivery of wellbeing strategy within organisations with a human and compassionate edge. We care deeply about employee wellbeing particularly mental health. In August 2019, we will be offering Mental Health First Aid courses as accredited by MHFA England.

Our vision is to help warm the hearts of organisations, to make the workplace more human and open. We are on a mission to help employers better support and understand their employees as they face difficult life events and workplace challenges.

Significant life events such as bereavement, parenthood, divorce, menopause, financial problems etc are a part of many lives and can seriously affect wellbeing in so many ways. This subsequently impacts productivity, performance and engagement in the workplace and disconnects many with life in general. Life events can be a contributing factor to many mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression and be a contributing factor to sleep deprivation. 

If organisations could provide a culture whereby wellbeing was recognised as top priority and that life events were seen as a significant part of affecting mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, Beingworks believe employees would not feel as anxious, alone and unsupported and organisations would get the best from their talented workforce.

The creation of an open and human environment in organisations where there is no stigma around mental health and a strong culture of wellbeing enveloped by empathy, understanding and compassion, will enable a greater transparency and acceptannce of human challenges and enhance feelings of inclusion. Beingworks also has a particular interest in helping individuals cultivate self compassion and build resilience.