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Our coaching programmes are aimed to support you as you navigate through life or workplace challenges, helping you towards greater fulfilment, purpose and career development.

We will also work on improving wellbeing by helping you achieve a better work-life integration; reducing overwhelm and stress, as well as addressing other issues such as self-doubt, low confidence and low self-esteem. 

Life events such as new parenthood, divorce / separation, organisational change, health problems, grief, fertility issues, menopause, financial problems and retirement can be incredibly challenging and often traumatic. These can affect all aspects of our lives and negatively impact our mental health, our general wellbeing and how we perform in the workplace. Sometimes, all it takes is a companion to be there with us on the journey, helping us to feel supported and empowered.



individual coaching Programmes


We offer one to one and group coaching programmes with unlimited email support, bespoke resources and a Beingworks coaching journal. We believe journaling to be a powerful tool for mental and emotional wellbeing as well as personal development. 

Our programmes explore key focus areas depending on your needs and will use the Co-Active® coaching model with the cornerstone principle that everyone is naturally, resourceful, creative and whole. Through a journey of exploration, we can reach transformational change and will be able to identify a plan of specific actions that will enable you to make a positive impact on your life, work and career.

Coaching topics include Life Events, Life Purpose, Health & Wellbeing and Relationships.

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